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Difference between factory, service, and provider


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An Angular factory can return any type (Function, Number, String.) Whatever is returned is what is used when the factory is injected. Hence, you can easily use a JavaScript constructor function, and instantiate new copies within controllers or other services.

var app = angular.module("TestApp", []);
app.factory("Cat", [function(){
  function Cat(name){ = name;
  Cat.prototype.noise = "meow!";
  return Cat;

With a service, you directly attach properties and methods to "this". It is as if the entire service were within a constructor function, which is returned with the new keyword when the service is injected.

app.service("CatService", [function(){ = "Unknown";
  this.noise = "meow!";

A provider is much like a factory, in that it can return any time. But unlike a factory, it can be configured in the config stage, before the app officially launches, given default values, etc.

app.provider("kitten", [function(){
  var defaultOwner = "Terrence";   //default owner of the kittens
  var defaultName = "Herbie";      //default name of all the kittens
  var defaultAge = 1;

  this.setDefaultOwner = function(newOwner){
    defaultOwner = newOwner;

  this.setDefaultName = function(newName){
    defaultName = newName;

  this.setDefaultAge = function(newAge){
    defaultAge = newAge;

  function Kitten(name, age, owner){, name, age, owner);    //call the superconstructor = name || defaultName;
    this.age = age || defaultAge;
    this.owner = owner || defaultOwner;

  this.$get = ["CatService", function(CatService){
    //Let's make Kitten inherit from Cat!
    Kitten.prototype = CatService;
    Kitten._super = CatService.constructor;         //now the Kitten constructor has a reference to the cat superconstructor

    return Kitten;